Why I don’t wear Makeup

Make up seems to be the modern symbol of beauty and femininity. I can’t imagine why so many of us still choose to smother our faces with artificial gunk while hoping to portray confidence. The very fact that many females resort to this facial vandalism attests against any confidence. How insecure do you have to be to paint on ‘your face’ day in and day out?

Granted, it looks good. Minimal usage appears natural, too. Today only ‘tomboys’ or the lazy don’t turn to this ‘phenomenon’-I’m  one of the latter-and we’ve got to change the ingrained notion that beauty is skin deep. I love colour and beauty looks good, but sometimes it’s too good. In this instance it’s fake, shallow and unreal. Also, how often do regular users check for details on the type of research testing undertaken during the production?

This isn’t an attack on every make-up-clad female but a post that’s forcing you to think about why you apply it; does it somehow empower you as a woman? Is the hour you spend in the morning in careful application worth a sleep deficit? Make up is part of a multi-billionaire industry that thrives off of this clichéd, unrepresentative depiction of beauty. Either you conform to social norms or you carve a new path where you allow others to respect your natural persona and you accept and appreciate yourself, rather than seeking others’ approval.


5 thoughts on “Why I don’t wear Makeup

  1. Hi. My name is K and I’m a recovering make up addict. I can’t tell you the obscene amount of money I spent a year buying that crap. They made it, I bought it, I wore it, It came off in 2.5 seconds, I would reapply and repeat until I ran out then the process would start all over again. Talk about a vicious cycle! Now mind you I said I was a recovering addict not that I’ve been cured completely. I still use blush and mascara sometimes but hey that’s a world away from the everyday full face I use to paint on and God willing I can let go of that too very soon. I refuse to be taken advantage of. I will be brainwashed no longer. It’s great to see you standing firm in your belief which is proof and motivation for all of us addicts out there.

    • I guess we’ve all got our vices 🙂 Wait-you would apply and reply make-up in the morning? I find it upsetting when some of my friends turn up for the day lathered in a skin of make-up; we all know deep down that we’re prettier, way prettier, without it and we shouldn’t need men/other people in general to tell us that. We allow other people to see our uncertainty in ourselves when we use it.

      Thanks so much for that last sentence!! 😀 It means so much.

      • Yes! I would “touch up” (really reapply all of it because it all comes off so easily) SEVERAL times a day. See, that’s the genius behind the institution: You’re not pretty if you don’t wear make up so you have to wear it all the time so you can be pretty all the time. The more you wear, the more product you buy. So disgusting really….
        You are very welcome! 😀

      • it’s a good consumerist ideology, that. I’m glad I never got into this stuff…

      • it’s a good consumerist ideology, that. I’m glad I never got into this stuff..

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