Gaining Momentum

Once you’ve fallen, the hardest thing you can do is pick yourself back up. But that’s what makes winners. There’s this notion that whatever happens, however tragic or devastating, you’ve somehow got to use it to become stronger. To be a champion.


And I’ve been on the worst place a human can be in. For two years. No growth, no aspirations, no decisions, no expectations. It’s horrid how happy I was, being nought but a shell of a person, a shell of a character, a shell of a destiny.

I don’t want to be in the place anymore. I never have. But it takes a lot more than physical strength to rise up from the ashes. You need mental grit, a strong resolve and commitment in order not to automatically fall again to the same place, maybe even lower. 

I’m still in the pits. Tomorrow will be my attempt to climb up, crawl up, haul myself over-whatever it takes-to get to the ground of the living. Because the living have dreams. 

I want to be alive.


6 thoughts on “Gaining Momentum

  1. Joy is now says:

    Hurry back !! We are waiting 🙂

  2. Joy is now says:

    The number one most helpful thing to me for depression is Eckhart Tolle. He really puts things in perspective. I hadn’t heard of his books and CDs when I went on the antidepressants (and got off them 3 years later) but now that I have, I know I won’t sink that low again. I just replay one of his DVDs and it lifts me. Are you familiar with his work?

  3. It feels somewhat inappropriate to ask but well how did it go?
    The fact that you can actually write this is more a testimony to your strength than anything I could ever say. Despite it all, despite the fact your in a place in life where you don’t want to be , despite the effort that will come with trying to get out at least you know where you are thats more than most people could say.

    Hardship comes with ease. Yes, side by side. I pray your ease is on its way too, just around the corner, hold on sis its a tough ride but the destination is worth it.

    • I almost got to the ground.
      I think it’ll take whole stages to get up and not lose balance and fall. Thanks for your support sis. Beautiful words. I’m going to write this on my inspiration board 🙂

  4. Joy is now says:

    I am reaching my hand out to you to haul you out of your ‘pits’. We all are reaching for you, I am sure. That’s no place to be and at least you know it. It will pass. It always passes eventually. It can’t not pass. I’ve been there. Love and Light as well as a mental hand for you. Emma

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