About Me

I’m typically awkward, often taciturn and predictably random. As you’ve already guessed, my all-time favourite colour is pink, particularly brink pink and French rose. Tied close with yellow. (It’s a tough world with tough colours, ok????!!!!)

My faith encourages active thought and discipline which force me to work on myself and better myself as a person. I’m always struggling with things, usually small things that essentially have a profound impact on my mindset and attitude or bigger, more fundamental things that can ultimately decide who I am.

Chemical redox equations, the biological Calvin cycle and the language features of all-female talk currently govern the free time of my life; that’s the consequence of willingly choosing bio, chem and English language as A-levels (please read subject descriptions and attend open evenings before you pick your courses). Feel free to comment on the ludicrous hours spent refining A-level exam techniques.

I frequent Goodreads, being an avid reader who’s constantly on the lookout for amusing reviews, or I can be found reading thread posts on the Student Room that are ‘relevant’ to my life at this moment in time.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Joy is now says:

    Ken Robinson explains on Ted.com why education fails us, even if we do ok at school. There are so many answers out there for you. Enjoy. You will get there fast if you want to just because you put yourself out there and didn’t maintain a false front like so many others. Xx

  2. Wow that made me smile 😀 Thanks for that lovely comment:)

    I don’t believe in the education system much anymore; if you want to get A’s you don’t really have to be smart (even in subjects like biology) you just need to learn/understand the textbook and practice a few questions. *sigh* It actively encourages rote-memorisation since it’s the quickest and easiest way to learn all that content. Most of the people I know are only taking subjects that look good and pursuing careers to make good money, they don’t really care about the subject at all.

    And no, you’re right, they don’t define your life. I’ve been in the middle, bottom and top with respect to grades and find that I don’t really change as a person when I’m graded.

    Hope your effort paid off! Love the penultimate sentence 😀

  3. Joy is now says:

    Hi! You take me back to doing A levels. I love that you step out and are an observer of the ludicrousy of it all and are not just consumed by it, stressed and trapped as I was. They do not define your life. Your inner world defines your success. I wish I knew that then. What a great start for your life. I look forward to reading more.

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